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Dark Summer Vibe

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Dark Summer Vibe

How to Be a Gothic Witch at the Beach

Having a goth fashion sense can make things a little tricky when you want to get wet at the beach, and still have that Goth vibe that you are so proud of. FEAR NOT!! I am here to tell you fellow pale and shade-loving friends that black is still a very wearable summer choice especially at the beach.

We made some research for you and gathered some of the most supa trendy and fashionable dark and gothic swimsuits that’ll totally make a splash once you choose to wear them.
Whether it’s Bikini Tops, Bikini Bottoms, One-Pieces, Sandals or Swim Accessories, we gottciu.
Killstar Banished Cosmic One Piece Poster Grl Never Censored Mesh Cover Up

Start off with a cool swimsuit that most certainly grabs attention and start accessorising it with a hat or sunglasses or why not both? You rarely see goths at the beach or pools but if they are, they usually stay in the shade to protect their porcelain pale skin.

Material Memorie Animus Sunglasses

Get away with anything and everything with a mesh cover up or a see-through kimono to add a little bit of mystery to your presence.  If you want to add a little bit more drama to your outfit, try adding a black canvas parasol and the black cloud follow you wherever you go.

Unhappy Thoughts Embroidered Eyelet Parasol

Click and scroll for more of our Beach Goth selections!!!

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