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Alternative Fashion Brands for the Modern Witches

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Alternative Fashion Brands for the Modern Witches

Alternative Fashion Brands for all you Modern Witches


For witches like you, Halloween is forever and serving spells left and right is your second language.

You not only have to act the part, but you must look like the witch you feel inside. Gothic fashion with a modern twist is what the current witch is all about.

We tend to lean toward a more costumey aesthetic when thinking about witchy fashion but there are some brands that offer a more stylish note to the occult garments.

Grab your credit card and get ready for some spending! It’s HEXin’ time because we all know you are out of this world and a true witch needs her conjuring garments!


Killstar Clothing offers to the alternative witch a new modern twist to the goth fashion.
We put together a Killstar Collection …whether you are looking for killstar shoes, killstar dresses, killstar leggings, killstar accessories and so on.

“Occult luxury” is exactly what the Killstar brand is all about. The garments they offer are not only edgy but folds perfectly with the modern twist a witch needs. Sorcerers and Witches can find unisex clothing and accessories they need for completing their wardrobe or just something special for casting spells.

Killstar New Moon Babydoll Dress Killstar Hell-O Platform Booties


This is the perfect brand for a more rebel type of witch. Disturbia is one of the baddest and darkest brands out there that really appeals to the grimy shopaholic witches in search for something on the urban side.
Fear, not tho’, the diversity is out there like nothing else. So if you want to get something in touch with your inner witch but have a 9-5 job, Disturbia has your back with that.

Disturbia Princess Velour Crop Top Disturbia Skull Belt Chain


You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? No witchy outfit can be complete without the perfect pair of goth shoes.
Walk among the tombstones with some witchy Demonia boots or Demonia high heels and show everyone who’s the witch in charge.
Witches with a good sense of fashion need a good support while picking their outfits and Demonia footwear is just the brand for that!

Demonia Bone Crusher Skull Vegan Booties Demonia Dark Magic Vegan Wedges

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